Designed and Manufactured in India with European Standards.

We deliver innovative solutions to the World's toughest challenges.

We are Carl Stahl Craftsman Enterprises Private Limited, a 2007 joint venture of Carl Stahl GmbH, Germany and Craftsman Automation Limited, India.

Carl Stahl Craftsman offers specific lifting solutions such as electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, light crane systems, and crane manufacturers in India. Our 140+ years of technological expertise ensure our products are reliable and safe. We are a CE-certified firm that provides the highest quality products at the best competitive pricing.

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We provide groundbreaking solutions to overcome the most formidable lifting challenges globally.


With the objective of leveraging Carl Stahl's rich experience in the material handling industry and Craftsman Automation's strong manufacturing expertise, the joint venture was formed to provide the end user with a 'Reliable, Efficient, and Ergonomic Lifting solution.


Light Crane System

The light crane system offered by Carl Stahl Craftsman provides a versatile solution for material handling, fostering a streamlined workflow that boosts productivity with ease.


Crane Kits

The introduction of our crane kits opens up new possibilities for crane manufacturers and users worldwide, offering a streamlined and cost-effective solution for executing orders on time.


Industries we serve

Lifting solutions tailored for diverse industries, from construction to manufacturing.

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