Dual Crab Hoist

The design of our system features the integration of two independent hoists within a shared frame, emphasizing a cohesive and efficient configuration.

Operating under the M5 duty standard, the working group ensures a reliable and high-performance functionality. Additionally, the lifting speed is enhanced through the incorporation of frequency inverters for both lifting and cross-travel movements, providing precise control and adaptability to various operational requirements. This thoughtful design approach, coupled with standardized performance features, underscores the system's commitment to optimal functionality and flexibility in diverse lifting scenarios.

Standard Specifications

Capacity Range (Tons)10t/5t, 16t/7.5t, 16t/10t
ClassificationFEM 2m , 3m , 4m
Lifting Speed(m/min)1~4, 1.2~4.7, 1.2~5, 2.5~10... ; Frequency Controlled
Travel Speed(m/min)5~20; Freqency Controlled
Power Supply415Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply
Control Supply24 Volts, 50 Hz, DC Supply Frequency Controlled
Ambient Temp. (°C)50°C Max
Thermal Insulation ClassF-Class
Motor EnclosureIP 54
Brake TypeElectromagnetic Disc Brake - AC
HookDIN 15400
Rope DrumSeamless pipe rope drum grooved as per DIN 15061

Dual Crab Hoist

Model Working Load (Tons) Track Gauge (mm) Lift Height (m) Reeving Speed (m/mm) FEM
CLHD 10/5 10t 1250 6, 8, 12 4/1 1.2~4.7 2M
CLHD 16/7.5 16t
CLHD 16/10 16t 1400
CLHD 20/5
CLHD 20/10
CLHD 30/10
CLHD 40/15


  • Durable Rope Guide ensures wire rope tightly in drum.
  • DIN Hook with 360° rotation.
  • In build Hoist Panel with plug and socket connections.
  • Controll pendant unit controls two hoists for combined operation or for one hoist operation.


  • Rope safety as recommended by FEM norms.
  • When using both the Hoist at same time, the total load capacity lifted should not exceed the minimum lifting capacity in the common frame.
  • E.g.: In 16T/10T model the load should not exceed the 10T.

Technical Advantages

  • Design: Two independent hoists are mounted in common frame.
  • Working Group: Standard with M5 duty.
  • Lifting Speed: Frequency inverters for lifting and cross travel movements.

Optional Accessories


01Gear Box

02Rope Drum

03Rope Guide


05Hook Block

06Rotary Limit Switch Equipment

07End Tie Assembly

08Variable Frequency Drive

09Cross Travel Machinery

10Hoisting & Travel Motor

11Wheel Block


Gear Box

  • In-house precision machined Aluminium cast body for reduced weight.
  • In-house hardened and Precision ground gears for smooth running and long life.
  • Gears permanently immersed in synthetic oil for quiet, smooth and cool operation.


Rope Drum

  • Designed for durability and life long.
  • Constructed from a high quality seamless steel.
  • Manufactured according to DIN-15061.


Rope Guide

  • Heavy duty rope guide ensures positive rope scrolling.
  • GGG 40 spheroidal cast iron material used to provide low wear and keeps the rope securely in the groove on the drum.
  • Special guide spring is fitted between the wire rope and the guide to maintain the correct tightness of the rope on the drum.



  • High strength Wire Rope provides high resistance to fatigue and wear.
  • Compact strand structure and highly flexible steel core rope for long life.
  • High wire rope / pulley diameter ratio increases the rope life span.
  • Selected according to ISO 4308-1.


Hook Block

  • Robust design for improved safety and handling.
  • Rotating hook and pulley block with safety latch.
  • High strength forged steel hook capable of 360 degree rotation.
  • Machined sheave grooves for long rope life.
  • Designed according to DIN-15400.


Rotary Limit Switch Equipment

  • Automatic cut-off of the lifting and lowering motions in upper and lower limit positions.
  • Cut-off position can be adjusted to suit the application.
  • Provides Upper/Lower motion limit switch as standard option.


End Tie Assembly

  • Rope tension load cell are used to measure load force and provide overload protection.
  • Protection class IP 66.
  • The load cell is conveniently clamped on the live rope in existing condition.


Variable Frequency Drive

  • Variable frequency drives being optimized with the hoist application to have a smother and safer operation of the cranes with flexibility of variable speeds match the application.


Cross Travel Machinery

  • Travel machinery is specially designed for hoist application.
  • Easy to remove without removing wheels.
  • Case hardened and Precision ground gears for smooth running and long life.
  • Gears permanently immersed in oil/grease for quiet, smooth and cool operation.
  • Standard travelling speeds of 20 m/min (single speed) and 20/5 m/min (double speed) at 50Hz. Other travelling speeds can be also fitted upon request.


Hoisting & Travel Motor

  • Heavy duty motor with an incorporated brake and fan cooled.
  • The brake disc lining material is asbestos free with high friction coefficient and long lasting.
  • Provided with IP 54 enclosure rating and F insulation class.
  • On request we can provided with IP55 or IP 56 enclosure rating with H Class insulation.
  • Thermistors fitted on windings of the motor for protection of windings in high temperature.


Wheel Block

  • Single flanged wheels for monorail hoist and double flange for crab hoist.
  • The wheels are totally machined, and made of spheroidal cast material SG-700/2.
  • Ball / Spherical Roller / Taper Roller bearings are used for high life.
  • Modular design to suit different mounting positions.
  • Easy removal and maintenance.