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Twin Hook Electric Chain Hoists India, 2 Ton Twin Hook Electric Chain Hoists in Coimbatore

Twin Hook Electric Chain Hoist

We delivery efficient & economical
lifting solution with highest quality

Twin Hook Electric Chain Hoist

Twin hook electric chain hoists are equipped with two hooks with a single operating motor and gear box. It will be most suitable for lifting applications where requiring two lifting points for a wide load or retaining a level lifting and in a synchronous way.

Twin hook chain hoists are simple, reliable and smooth running. Each Hoist is built with a specific hook centers that best fits the given application. Our dual hook electric chain hoist is relatively compact in size, allowing for the most efficient use of space and hook approach.

  • Standard Specification

    CAPACITY RANGE 2x500 Kg to 2x1600 Kg
    CLASSIFICATION Fem Class - 2m
    LIFTING SPEED 8/2 & 4/1 m/min
    TRAVEL SPEED 25/6 m/min
    POWER SUPPLY 3 Phase, 380 – 415 V, 50Hz
    CONTROL 24 Volts , 50 Hz,(Contactor)
    CHAIN BS EN 818-7
    BRAKE Electromagnetic Brake with Double Side Brake Lining
    CHAIN FALLS Single chain fall & Double Chain Fall
    PROTECTION Hoist – IP55, Pendant – IP65
    SAFETY FEATURES Overload & Over Travel Protection, Motor Temperature Control, Emergency Stop
  • Twin hook Product Range

    Model Capacity (kg) Lifting Speed (m/mm) Fall Class of Duty motor power (kw) Chain Size Hook Center Distance (mm)
    CA 2010T 2x500 8/12 1 2m/M5 1.5/0.37 7x21 1000-4000
    2x1000 4/1 2
    CA 3216T 2x800 8/12 1 2.4/0.6 9x27
    2x1600 4/1 2


  • Features

    • 1. CE Certified
    • 2. Dual speed upto 8/2 m/min
    • 3. Dust and moisture protected as per IP55
    • 4. Mechanical over load protection
    • 5. Powder coated exteriors for superior durability
    • 6. Easy availability of spares for standardized electrical components
    • 7. Slipping Clutches for Overload Protection
    • 8. Longer Lifting height upto 12m.
    • 9. Two chains are wound into a single sprocket, allowing the chain to last longer.
    • 10. Rotary limit switches for over travel limits.
  • Optional Accessories

    • 01. Durable Push Button Pendant

      • Easy to use, one-handed operation
      • Rated IP65
      • Strain relief wire is molded to pendant cord for added support and dependability
      • Available in 2, 4 or 6-buttons version
      • 24V low voltage command and removable plug
      • Provided with emergency stop

      • Micron push button transmitter with belt clip As an option for signal feedback from crane
      • Spectrum joystick transmitter with harness


  • 1 Motor
  • 2 Brake
  • 3 Transmission
  • 4 Slipping clutch
  • 5 Chain Wheel
  • 6 Chain
  • 7 Chain guide
  • 8 Forged Carbon Steel Hooks
  • 9 Limit Switch
  • 10 Frame Assembly
  • 1 Motor

    • Design for tough working conditions
    • Single and dual speed models available
    • Engineered motor fin, fan blade and fan cover design cools the motor and brake
    • A standard thermal protectoirs installed in the motor
  • 2 Brake

    • Disk type Electro-Magnetic brake system for steady operation and long life
    • Maximum safety
    • Asbestos-free brake linings with a long service life
    • Unique availability
    • Maintenance free
    • Tested for Hoist's life time
    • Provide an increased level of safety
  • 3 Transmission

    • Helical-toothed gear steps for quiet running
    • Precision machined for long life
    • Oil bath lubrication results in a quiet, smooth and cool operation
  • 4 Slipping clutch

    • Simple and precise adjustment
    • Maintenance free and higily resistant to Wear
    • Ease of servicing, thanks to comfortable access
    • Reliable protection against overloading
  • 5 Chain Wheel

    • Made of hardened steel
    • Deep-groove pockets fully support the load chain during operation
    • Reduces vibration and chain wear
    • Provides true vertical lift
  • 6 Chain

    • High Strength, Corrosion and Wear Resistant Load Chain
    • Grade DAT, super strength, ZINC-plated load chain
    • Certified to BS-EN 818-7 standard
    • Uses unique technology to greatly increase resistance to fatigue and wear
  • 7 Chain guide

    • Provides quiet and smooth guiding of chain
    • Easily replaced without hoist disassembly
    • Heavy cast iron construction with improved wear resistance
  • 8 Forged Carbon Steel Hooks

    • Under excessive loads, it will open gradually and avoid fracture
    • Ball bearing produces smooth rotation
    • Bottom hook will swivel 360 degree
    • Heavy-duty hook latches are standard
  • 9 Limit Switch

    • Interrupt the power to prevent hook over travel and hazardous condition.
    • Over travel limit is controlled by geared limit switch as standard.
    • Rated IP65