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Single Girder MonoRail Hoist

Single Girder MonoRail Hoist

Technical Advantages

  • Compact modular design provides maximum hook approach.
  • Designed according to FEM / DIN / ISO standards.
  • Counter weights are eliminated for better operational efficiency.
  • Duty Class ISO M5 / Fem 2m as standard supply in all variants.
  • Flange width: Smoothly adjustable with threaded screws and fasteners.
  • Frequency inverters as standard in lifting and cross travel movements,
    • Increased life of mechanical components.
    • Speed control by inverter, selectable speeds.
    • Precise handling and smoothness in movement.
  • Standard Specification

    Capacity 500 Kg to 10000 Kg
    Classification Fem 2m, 3m, 4m
    Lifting Speed (m/min) 1~4, 1.2~4.7, 1.25~5, 2.5~10... ; Frequency Controlled
    Travel Speed (m/min) 5~20; Freqency Controlled
    25/6; Contactor Controlled
    Power Supply 415Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, AC Supply
    Control Supply 24 Volts, 50 Hz, DC Supply Frequency Controlled
    48 Volts, 50 Hz, AC Supply Contactor Controlled
    Ambient Temp. (°C) 50°C Max
    Application Indoor
    Thermal Insulation Class F-Class
    Motor Enclosure IP 54
    Brake Type Electromagnetic Disc Brake - AC/DC
    Runway Beam ISMB 100~600 (or) Plate (Width may vary)
    Hook DIN 15400
    Rope Drum Seamless pipe rope drum grooved as per DIN 15061
  • Single Girder MonoRail Hoist Models

    Model Working Load (Tons) Lift Height (m) Reeving Speed (m/mm) fem
    CLH 0.5 0.5T 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 2/1 2.5~10 2M
    CLH 01 1T 1.25~5
    CLH 02 2T
    CLH 03 3T 6, 9, 12 4/1
    CLH 05 5T 1~4
    CLH 7.5 7.5T 1.2~4.7
    CLH 10 10T

Single Girder MonoRail Hoist Types

    Low HeadRoom Hoist (Model: CLH-R)

    • Capacity: up to 2T

    • Capacity: up to 3T

    • Capacity: up to 5T

    • Capacity: up to 10T

  • Features


    • Modular in construction with flexibility on falls interchange (4/1,2/1).
    • Light weight and comparably less headroom.
    • Forged hooks according to DIN standards.
    • Flanged wheels to guide the runway beam.
    • Travel machinery directly drives the wheels.
    • Acceleration and deceleration by inverters to increase the life span of the components.


    • Rope safety factor >= 5
    • Motor over heating protection with thermistor.
    • Double limit switch for up and down travel movement.
    • Precies and accurate closed loop overload protection system (via.) VFD.
    • Reliable load clamping by safety latch.
  • Optional Accessories

    • 01. Pendant Stations

      • Easy to use, one hand operation.
      • Available in 2, 4 or 6 button version with IP65protection.
      • Provided with emergency stop

      • The radio remote pendent provided as an option in accordance with the convenience of operation to the user.


  • 1 Gear Box
  • 2 Rope Drum
  • 3 Rope Guide
  • 4 Rope
  • 5 Hook Block
  • 6 Rotary Limit Switch Equipment
  • 7 End Tie Assembly
  • 8 Variable Frequency Drive
  • 9 Cross Travel Machinery
  • 10 Hoisting & Travel Motor
  • 11 Wheel
  • 1 Gear Box

    • In-house precision machined Aluminium cast body for reduced weight.
    • In-house hardened and Precision ground gears for smooth running and long life.
    • Gears permanently immersed in synthetic oil for quiet, smooth and cool operation.
  • 2 Rope Drum

    • Designed for durability and life long.
    • Constructed from a high quality seamless steel.
    • Manufactured according to DIN-15061.
  • 3 Rope Guide

    • Heavy duty rope guide ensures positive rope scrolling.
    • GGG 40 spheroidal cast iron material used to provide low wear and keeps the rope securely in the groove on the drum.
    • Special guide spring is fitted between the wire rope and the guide to maintain the correct tightness of the rope on the drum.
  • 4 Rope

    • High strength Wire Rope provides high resistance to fatigue and wear.
    • Compact strand structure and highly flexible steel core rope for long life.
    • High wire rope / pulley diameter ratio increases the rope life span
    • Selected according to ISO 4308-1.
  • 5 Hook Block

    • Robust design for improved safety and handling.
    • Rotating hook and pulley block with safety latch.
    • High strength forged steel hook capable of 360 degree rotation.
    • Machined sheave grooves for lang rope life.
    • Designed according to DIN-15400.
  • 6 Rotary Limit Switch Equipment

    • Automatic cut-off of the lifting and lowering motions in upper and lower limit positions.
    • Cut-off position can be adjusted to suit the application.
    • Provides Upper/Lower motion limit switch as standard option.
  • 7 End Tie Assembly

    • Precise and accurate closed loop overload protection system(Via) VFD as an standard feature
    • Rope tension load cell are used as optional accessories to measure load force and provide overload protection.
  • 8 Variable Frequency Drive

    • Variable frequency drives being optimized with the hoist application to have a smother and safer operation of the cranes with flexibility of variable speeds match the application.
  • 9 Cross Travel Machinery

    • Travel machinery is specially designed for hoist application.
    • Easy to remove without removing wheels.
    • Case hardened and Precision ground gears for smooth running and long life.
    • Gears permanently immersed in oil/grease for quiet, smooth and cool operation
    • Standard travelling speeds of 20 m/min (single speed) and 20/5 m/min {double speed) at 50Hz. Other travelling speeds can be also fitted upon request.
  • 10 Hoisting & Travel Motor

    • Heavy duty motor with an incorporated brake and fan cooled.
    • The brake disc lining material is asbestos free with high friction coefficient and very long lasting
    • Provided with IP 54 enclosure rating and F insulation class.
    • On request we can provided with IP55 or IP 56 enclosure rating with H Class insulation.
    • Thermistors fitted on windings of the motor for protection of windings in high temperature.
  • 11 Wheel

    • Single flanged wheels for monorail hoist and double flange for crab hoist.
    • The wheels are totally machined, and made of spheroidal cast material SG-700/2.
    • Ball / Spherical Roller / Taper Roller bearings are used for very high life.
    • Modular design to suit different mounting positions.
    • Easy removal and maintenance.