Chain Hoist

Carlstahl Craftsman is one of the best Electric Chain Hoist manufacturers in Coimbatore, India.

Our electric chain hoist set a new standard for reliability, Quality, and performance, all while requiring low maintenance.

The latest series of CARL STAHL CRAFTSMAN Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer are compact and perfect for any busy workspace.A complete range is offered, ranging from 250 to 3200 kgs with lifting speed ranges upto 10/2.5 m/min. Our cutting-edge technology in chain hoist such as variable frequency drive, radio remote control unit, and overload protection improves efficiency, safety andextends service life.

The leading and biggest producer of electric chain hoist in India, Carlstahl Craftsman is well-known for its dedication to both quality and innovation.The organization has a long history dating back close to fifteen decades, and it is well known for creating excellent hoisting solutions.

There are many advantages to using Carlstahl Craftsman Electric Chain Hoists. They are perfect for various range of industrial applications because they offer unparalleled control and precision. Because of their reputation for dependability, these hoists provide effective and safe material handling. They are simple to install due to its compactness and intuitive features.

The Electric Chain Hoists from Carlstahl Craftsman are appropriate across various segments such as Wind, Engineering, Foundry, and Construction. They are essential for jobs like moving big machinery, gear, and supplies, which boosts output and cuts down on physical labour. By lowering the possibility of mishaps related to physical lifting, these hoists also improve worker safety.

In conclusion, industries all over India and beyond choose Carlstahl Craftsman's Electric Chain Hoists because they are the pinnacle of quality, dependability, and efficiency.

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Incorporating a dependable overload prevention system, our electric chain hoists prioritize safety. The strategic placement of the brake after the slip clutch ensures the highest level of safety while allowing for precise and straightforward adjustments. Our extensive product range spans from 250 to 5000 kgs, featuring lifting speeds ranging up to 10/2.5 m/min. Additionally, the Variable Frequency Drive facilitates the programming of lifting speed and ramp, providing flexibility and control.

E Series
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Featuring a lightweight aluminum housing, heat-treated gears, and an overload clutch, our electric chain hoists guarantee a seamless transmission. The hoist's chain adheres to the BS-EN 818-7 standard, and its distinctive technology significantly enhances fatigue and wear resistance. Our comprehensive product range spans from 250 to 5000 kgs, offering lifting speeds ranging up to 8/2 m/min.

D Series
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Electric chain hoists with twin hooks feature a single operating motor and gearbox, making them ideal for lifting applications that demand two lifting points, especially for wide loads or when maintaining level lifting in a synchronised manner is essential.These twin hook chain hoists are known for their simplicity, reliability, and smooth operation. Each hoist is designed with specific hook centers tailored to suit the particular application. The dual hook electric chain hoist is compact in size, ensuring efficient use of space and a streamlined hook approach.

Twin Hook
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